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ok... so we're kind of manipulators (of pixels)

We've produced artwork (keyart) for over 250 independent movies.  It's been a foundation of our experience and is a niche that most people never think about. Independent movie artwork may consist of anywhere from 4 to 20 images or more creatively edited to tell a visual story. It's a very unique process and challenge, but one we've contributed to long term while producing keyart for movies with stars like Jeff Daniels, Ian McKellen, Tiger Woods, Rodney Dangerfield, Harvey Keitel, Burt Reynolds, Ernest (Jim Varney), James Caan, Jim Caviezel, and more.

In the process we've became very adept at "photoshop" and image editing in general. Here's some short videos showing how complex digital keyart gets built up layer by layer to become the finished product.

TheSand Keyart Layer Buildup
OneOfUs Keyart Layer build up
LoveSickLove Keyart Layer Buildup
TornadoTerror Keyart Layer Buildup
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