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Podcast Network

RELIC creates, manages and produces the Woodsviking Podcast Network family of shows. Our podcast network is a family of Outdoors related podcasts providing content for enthusiasts of Hunting, Fishing, 4x4 Offroading, and Guns & Shooting, with opportunities for additional show additions within' these or new genres.

If you're looking to become involved with, host, or sponsor an Outdoors related podcast, please contact us.

Woodsviking Podcast Network
Relic Fishing Podcast

Relic Fishing Podcast

Host: Rick Stufflebean
CoHost: ????

On Hiatus - Listen for example of production quality.

Relic Fishing Podcast on Woodsviking Podcast Network is a loose format show focusing on all aspects of Fishing. Intended for both new and experienced fishermen, guests will be Guides, Professional Tournament Anglers, Bait Makers and Product Manufacturers. Expect a wide array of topics for shows ranging from ongoing seasonal Lake & Technique talk, Product Reviews, Trends & Tips, and ongoing (miss)adventures & struggles as our Host transitions from glitter-rocket bass boat to Hobie ProAngler kayak.

Woodsviking Outdoors Podcast - produced by Rick Stufflebean / Relic Creations

Woodsviking Outdoors Podcast

Host: Shawn Templeton
CoHost(s): Woodsviking Mentors

Woodsviking Outdoors Podcast on Woodsviking Podcast Network will be a multi-format podcast anchored by Woodsviking's own professional Barber and Outdoors enthusiast, Shawn Templeton along with an evolving supporting cast of others. Hunting focused & touching on Trends, Tips, and Techniques as well as gear & product reviews.

Expect shows to vary from Host/Guest shows, In-Barbershop Cut & Chat talks, to even post-produced shows recorded on-site at Hunting Camps or Hunting Blinds with disabled Veterans, First Responders, and Children of Fallen Soldiers.

Episodes in production & recording soon!

Offroad Idiots Podcast - produced by Relic Creations LLC.

Offroad 4x4 Podcast

Host: ?????????
CoHost: ????

(Unnamed) Offroading/Jeep enthusiast podcast at Woodsviking Podcast Network will be a relaxed conversational show centered around all aspects of Off-roading, but with a impossible to hide romance with Jeep 4x4's.

Our un-announced mystery hosts are patriotic military Veterans with a history of holding ongoing off-road Events supporting military families and their children of fallen soldiers.

Under development & planning

Guns & Shooting Podcast

Guns & Shooting Podcast

Host: ????????
CoHost: ????

Under early development & recruitment of show Hosts.Intent for this show will likely be Guns and Shooting in many forms.  Likely also touching on Shooting competitions.

Under Early Development

Barbers Talk,
from the Woodsviking Shop

Host: Aaron Dabney
CoHost: Woodsviking Barbers

Get to know the Woodsviking Barbershop guys through this ongoing series of podcasts from the actual Barbershops.  Hosting personalities will vary, as will topics.

Under Early Development

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